Feb 27, 2016


She such an inspiration.
banyak kata-kata semangat dia bagi sebenarnya.
Mempunyai keyakinan agak tinggi pada aku.

first things ; aku memang tkde lesen. masa tu dalam proses belajar. but she encourage me to drive! she give me her car (borrow) and bring the teacher and kids to tadika.

; when i'm doing fault, she just said " tkpe la, pengalaman, belajar dari kesilapan. sekarang dh tahu kan?" . bukan sebarangan punya fault. fault tu kne keluar duit beb. but, she just calmly saying like that.

knowing her in only a years but she have taught me lots of things.
She got lots of kata kata hikmah not only for herself but for others jugak. 
Bukan jenis pemarah la i can said. but strict with her kids.

-Puan Siti Farihan :D .

Dec 6, 2015

Passion come first

Memang kalau boleh aku nak pergi semua kendri kawin kawankawan.
it was such a great day i know :).

I am not sure about my marriage. because right now, i'm just too busy for attending my friend's ceremony. I love taking photos. I'm not sure about business. but sure planning for having one. One day~ :D .

When you do something your passion, i don't think you're care too much about the income. sure we want something in return for things we are doing. but, doing because of passion, you gonna get a lot of satisfied :)

And, i'm attending my friend's Engagement day ;)

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Still a beginners :)